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Navigating the Alphabet Soup of the Natural Hair World

The natural hair community. Is it a secret society? Maybe it is a sorority or fraternity? That would be the only way to explaining the alphabet soup that populates conversations within the natural hair care world. Read any natural hair blog, forum, and/or Facebook page, etc. and you are guaranteed to come across a hurricane … Continue reading

The Big Breakup: Calling It Off With a Stylist or Client

  It happens, things change, people grow apart, and the thrill leaves. Sounds like a breakup on a romantic level, huh? Well, we are talking about the Big Breakup between a hair stylist and client. No matter who initiates it, some breakups have to happen for everybody’s well-being. Below, we highlight 2 common reasons for … Continue reading

How to Set Yourself Apart As a Natural Hair Artist

When it comes to “doing” chemical-free hair, the barriers to entry are minimal. In some states, it is as simple as merely knowing how to braid. Depending on the state, other regulations maybe in place to ensure that natural hair artist(NHA) meet a set of standards as agreed on by the state. But is that … Continue reading

The Loc Commandments: The Do’s and Don’ts of the Loc’ing Process

“Should I use this or should I use that?” “What can I put on my hair?” “Is it okay to wash my hair often?” We ask ourselves so many questions when caring for our locks. However, maintaining healthy locked hair can be simple (in fact, foolproof) when you know what to do and what not … Continue reading

Nighty Night: No Party Over Here…

Moving from the hustle and bustle of  my second home, Chicago, back to my birth home of Fort Worth was, for me, a chance to finally be closer to family.  I had to face it, I missed my mom, siblings, and best friend.  I had missed out on watching my nephew and godsons grow up. … Continue reading

HaiRecipe: Avocado Conditioning Mask

If you are looking for something that will leave your hair moisturized and feeling soft and silky, leave the beauty supply store and head to your local grocer. Ingredients: 1 small jar of real mayonnaise 1/2 of an avocado Directions: Put together in a medium bowl and squish together with your hands until it’s a … Continue reading

Rants and All That: Why Are Natural Hair Products So Expensive?

Browsing the aisles at the beauty supply store seems to be a common happenstance for us natural headed folks.  We are always trying to find the best thing that works for our hair.  Whether it is a recommendation from a Youtuber, a friend, or a friend of a friend; we want to try it.  We want … Continue reading

We Like To Party: Being a Great Party Host

  There is nothing like throwing a cocktail or dinner party at your house with nothing but beautiful people in attendance (close your eyes and imagine). No matter the type of party, hosting a party is always fun. However, it takes a lot of preparation to make sure that you and your party both are … Continue reading

Loc Love: Understanding the Stages of Locking

If you are thinking about locking your hair, then you are probably curious about what the experience entails. The hair locking (dreadlocking) experience can be trying for many newbies and uninformed individuals. Dreadlocks, by nature, are locked and become a permanent hairstyle. Because of the permanency of the hairstyle, you want to make sure you … Continue reading